Swiss Immunology Early Career Award 2023


The Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology (SSAI) 
the Swiss Immunology Early Career Award 2023

for scientific recognition and career support

Immunologists aiming for an associate professorship (or similar position) may apply, provided that they have a PhD or MD-PhD degree, 4+ years postdoctoral/scientific project experience, a position in Switzerland in 2022 and/or 2023, are (becoming) an SSAI member, and are 30-40 years old (prolonged for parents corresponding to time dedicated to family).

Applicants are asked to provide a cover letter (max 1 page) and a summary of their achievements (1 page) since the accomplishment of their PhD or MD-PhD degree. Please also provide a CV (1 page), publication list, and recommendation letters from two immunology academic faculty (all documents should be assembled to one single PDF file in the above order, and fully searchable i.e. generated electronically, not by scanning).

The deadline is 31. March 2023 for sending your application to Jolanda Trachsel (General Manager SSAI) by email to

The winner will be communicated by May 2023 and be invited to give a presentation at the SSAI Annual Meeting 2023.

The award of CHF 5000.- is sponsored by Sanofi-Aventis (Schweiz) AG.