Sanofi Innovation Award 2024

Sanofi Innovation Award 2024: Novel Approaches in Type 2 Inflammation

With this award, Sanofi supports residents and senior physicians who are clinically active in allergology/clinical immunology in Switzerland and whose translational scientific work deals with the topic of type 2 inflammation and related diseases.

The award is endowed with CHF10’000 and is intended for the execution of a scientific project.

Type 2 inflammation plays an important role in a number of immune mediated inflammatory diseases in the allergological, dermatological, respiratory and gastroenterological field. The underlying inflammatory mechanisms are complex and the disease burden for patients and their families is high. Although our understanding of the mechanisms of type 2 inflammation has increased in recent years, many questions remain unanswered. Sanofi has established this science innovation award to promote independent translati onal scientific research in the field of type 2 inflammation in Switzerland.

The prize is aimed at all residents and senior physicians (SSAI members) who are clinically active in allergology/clinical immunology and who would like to submit exciting research projects on the topic of type 2 inflammation that are being carried out in Switzerland.

The submitted projects will be judged and awarded by an independent jury of experts from the Swiss Society of Allergology and Immunology (SSAI).

The award ceremony will take place at the SSAI Annual Meeting 2024 in Geneva.

Please submit your project using the Award Submission Form to the SSAI Office (Jolanda Trachsel, General Manager SSAI, email: by 30.06.2024 at the latest.

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