07.12.2023   Interstitial Lung Diseases and Beyond: Translational and Interdisciplinar Discussions   Webinar
14.12.2023   Rheuma-Workshop   Zürich/online
14.12.2023   Symposium Maladies de l’interstice et asthme sévère   Rennaz
20.12.2023   United Airways - Quel est le point commun ? Prise en charge interdisciplinaire de l'inflammation de type 2 en cas d'asthme et de polypose naso-sinusienne   Genève
11.01.2024   Swiss Derma Day and STI reviews and updates   Luzern
23.01.2024   Colloques 2024: Transplantation combinée foie-rein   Genève/Webinar
26.01.2024   Allergy & Immunology Update AIU   Grindelwald
01.02.2024   „Under your skin!“ Skin lesion with haematologic aetiology?   Webinar
20.02.2024   Colloques 2024: Transplantation hépatique pour CHC   Genève/Webinar
29.02.2024   Abschiedssymposium von Prof. Dr. med. Peter Schmid-Grendelmeier   Zürich
13.03.2024   World Immune Regulation Meeting WIRM   Davos
21.03.2024   Ipersensibilità ai Farmaci e Urticaria Cronica: ruolo dei Test in Vitro   Lugano
26.03.2024   Colloques 2024: Alloimmune risk stratification of long-term liver transplant recipients   Genève/Webinar
27.03.2024   Simposio ticinese di immunologia clinica   Mendrisio/Webinar
30.04.2024   Colloques 2024: Innovations pour le suivi thérapeutique des médicaments immunosuppresseurs   Webinar
17.05.2024   14th International Congress on Autoimmunity   Ljubljana
21.05.2024   Colloques 2024: Le BMI est-il un bon marqueur pour décider d’inscrire ou pas un patient sur liste d’attente de greffe rénale?   Genève/Webinar
25.06.2024   Colloques 2024: Extracorporeal photopheresis and CLAD : the Vienna experience   Genève/Webinar
12.09.2024   SSAI Annual Congress 2024   Geneva
24.09.2024   Colloques 2024: Non-invasive tests for liver graft fibrosis and steatosis: current and future applications   Genève/Webinar
22.10.2024   Colloques 2024: Néoplasies extra-hépatiques et transplantation hépatique : un énorme poids à porter   Genève/Webinar
26.11.2024   Colloques 2024: Adoptive immunotherapy: the time has come?   Genève/Webinar
17.12.2024   Colloques 2024: Recanalisation du système porte   Genève/Webinar

Allergy and Immunology Update AIU 2024

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Join us for the  26th AIU Grindelwald, happening from January 26th to 28th, 2024.
Our preliminary program is ready, and registration for the event will open shortly.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help!

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SSAI Annual Congress 2024

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More information about the SSAI Annual Congress from September 12 - 13, 2024 at Palexpo in Geneva will follow shortly