Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in allergy and clinical immunology

Objectives of CPD:
For all doctors, CPD is an ethical obligation and a legal obligation according to Art. 40 lit. b of the Swiss Medical Professions Act (MedBG) (available in German).

Quote: "They expand, extend and improve their professional knowledge, abilities and capabilities through lifelong CPD."

Objectives of CPD:
To promote and sustain the health of patients and the population.
To maintain the medical competency acquired in initial and postgraduate training and to update this competency in the light of developments in medicine.
To promote interest in research, training and quality improvement and to promote and improve the network of relationships and the collaboration between all those involved in healthcare.

The CPD regulation (FBO d / f)  from the Swiss Institute for Postgraduate Training and CPD in Medicine (SWIF) is intended to promote high standards of quality in medical care.
For answers to FAOs on CPD, please click here.

On the platform d / f provided by the Swiss Insitute for Postgraduate Training and CPD in Medicine (SWIF) you can record all your CPD online and print your own CPD certificates. Find out more about these and other functions click here.