FAMH Continuing Professional Development

Regulation on usge of FAMH titles

  • The Medical Laboratories of Switzerland FAMH awards at the request of the specialist committee the title of FAMH Specialist in Laboratory Medicine to candidates who have fulfilled all the requirements of the postgraduate training programme for managers of medical laboratories. This title shows that the holder has comprehensive knowledge in the field of laboratory analytics.
  • Titles can be used permanently once awarded although the holder of the title is obliged to complete CPD according to the CPD regulation.
  • Gaining an FAMH title does not oblige the title holder to become a member of the FAMH.
  • When the title is used, it must be written in the format prescribed in points 2.1 and 2.2 of the regulation on FAMH postgraduate training (Reglement und Weiterbildungsprogramm zum Spezialisten für Labormedizin FAMH).
  • FAMH titles may be used in conjunction with other titles.
  • The FAMH monitors and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of the following regulation on postgraduate training concerning usage of the title.

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Regulation on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for holders of FAMH title

According to the regulation on postgraduate training for FAMH Specialists in Laboratory Medicine published by the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, CPD is obligatory for all holders of an FAMH title.

The regulation on CPD for holders of FAMH titles (Reglement der Fortbildung für FAMH-Titelträger) sets out, among other things, the scope of the CPD required.

This is identical for all: holders of a single or of several titles (main and subsidiary discipline (Hauptfach- und Nebenfach) according to the old regulation or multi-disciplinary title (pluridisziplinärer Titel) according to the current regulation).